BMW's Super Car

Ever seen a mythical creature? We have. An M1, sacred in both BMW and automotive lore. And we’re beyond honored to give you a glimpse right here.

The M1 wasn’t a strict in-house BMW product - in fact, the name itself tells of its heritage: M for Motorsport GmbH, BMWs separate competition division; and the number 1 because this was to be the firm’s first high-profile, beat-all GT circuit racer, with road-shredding versions basking in the reflected glory of on-track success. It was conceived from widespread international influences. Borrowing design themes from Frenchman Paul Bracq’s 1972 BMW Turbo concept car, the final body shape was alchemized in Turin by the legendary Giorgio Giugiaro (the Michelangelo of car design) & his ItalDesign squad. Lamborghini also contributed to the original creation, but when they faced bankruptcy the relationship ended. Yet it all still somehow came together in an ideal expression of Bavarian creativity and discipline…

...the world’s first user-friendly supercar.

Once fired up, this bewitching, beastly blood boiler reveals seriously naughty intentions; proving that it wasn’t just Italians who could make blindingly fast, glamorously mouthwatering mid-engine cars. This is the chariot for those seized by and filled with enthusiasm for the joy of civilized power; the deep inner excitement of being at the rare cross section where freedom, utility and handling meet. Which are likely the three rarest words to combine when talking about supercars; especially ones that are +3 decades-old.

This is one mythical creature that, even after so much time, lives up to the BMW motto: the ultimate driving machine.

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  • Extremely rare color only 3 produced
  • 3.5 liter straight six
  • 5 speed manual
  • Fantastic condition
  • Complete with original manuals, promotional materials and tools.
  • BMW Classic Certificate

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Meet our 1981 BMW M1 :

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