What types of cars do you sell?

We sell iconic classic or modern vintage cars from multiple brands. We only sell cars that have been impeccably restored or preserved by their owners. Our inventory features models that we believe will increase in value but remain fun to drive.

By appointment only, the vehicles listed on our site are available for inspection in our warehouse in Miami, Florida.

What type of maintenance do you perform on your cars?

Our in-house team of mechanics monitors all vehicles in our inventory to ensure they remain in show condition.

Where do you find your cars?

Our decision to list a car on classicmotors.com is the result of an extensive vetting process that involves numerous collectors, dealers, restorers and auctioneers. We only work with matching-numbers cars. After years of experience, we have built a close relationship with the top auctioneers, collectors, and industry marque experts, so we are able to access a wide array of vehicles at any given time.

How are your cars documented?

Good documentation is one of the many aspects we consider when listing a vehicle on classicmotors.com. That being said, all of our vehicles are photographed inside and out by our professional digital media team, generating a valuable archive for their new owner. As soon as a new vehicle arrives at our warehouse, we open a file where every aspect of its history with us is carefully documented.

Where and how do you store your cars?

All of our cars are stored in a dedicated warehouse with optimal temperature and humidity levels.

I have a car I would like to list on your website. How can I contact you?

Please use this form to contact us. We'll need detailed information about your car, such as make, model, year, mileage, color, where it is currently stored and how many owners it's had. If we are interested, we will write you back with further questions.

Do you sell parts?

We do not sell parts. However, we do source certain parts for customers that have their vehicle consigned with us or that have purchased vehicles from us.

What are the payment terms to buy a car from you?

We receive full payment at the time of inspection, prior to delivering the car to its new owner. Vehicles are available for inspection at our showroom in Miami, Florida or by video call.

Do you offer financing?

Not currently.

I've bought a car from you but don't have where to store it. Can you store it for me?

Yes. We offer storage and maintenance of cars purchased with us.Please contact us for rates.

Can you ship the car to my country?

Yes, we've shipped cars all over the world.

Where are you located?

Our showroom is in Miami, Florida.

The address is:
90 NW 72 St #102 Miami,
Miami, FL 33150

Can I visit your showroom?

Yes. Please contact us to make an appointment.