Fine-tuned by a BMW Motorsport legend

Like the 2002 Turbo he owned, Alpina racer Dieter Hegels was often underestimated. Nicknamed the “silent master,” he would arrive at the track with little fanfare and an innocuous-looking BMW. The competition often didn’t know who they were dealing with, until it was too late. As Hegels rocketed himself toward the finish line in a 2-door sedan, they vowed never to underestimate Hegels - or his BMW - again.

The Man Behind the Machine

Hegels was a racing legend and the former owner of this 2002 Turbo. He was a German circuit master champion in 1970 and 1971, and became the successor to Dieter Glemsers, when he won the 1600 class title. However, Hegels didn’t just race BWMs, he also built them at his tuning shop in Germany. The 2002 Turbo you see here, was his car - a car he drove, but did not race. But it’s a car that’s been 100% restored by the master himself. 

Rare Paint. Limited Numbers.

Of the 1,672 BMW 2002 Turbos produced, only 614 were painted in Polaris Silver, like this one, making it one of the rarest 2002 Turbos in existence. And like other 2002 Turbos, this one has a striking exterior. Its riveted fender flares, massive front spoiler, motorsport graphics and stunning design are signatures of a car that defined a generation and laid the groundwork for the BMW 3 Series.

Turbocharged Agility

One of the best attributes of this BMW, is its element of surprise. On the approach, it looks harmless enough - at least until you get behind the wheel. Around 4,000 rpm a transformation occurs, and before you know it, you’re at the helm of the Millennium Falcon, as it makes the jump into light speed. But if the sheer power of its turbo doesn’t impress you, its masterful handling and braking power will. This is a classic car that can out-maneuver and out-perform the best of them.

This 1974 2002 Turbo is the ultimate driver’s car - one with limited numbers and unlimited thrills.


  • Rare and collectible - one of only 615 available in Polaris Silver
  • Only 50,000 miles
  • 2.0-liter turbo engine
  • 5-speed manual transmission
  • Black leatherette sport seats
  • KKK turbocharger
  • Motorsports graphics
  • BMW Certificate of Authenticity
  • Matching Numbers
  • Fresh nut and bolt restoration performed by specialist in Germany
  • Original German inspection papers

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Meet our 1974 Turbo BMW 2002 :

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