It was the car no one saw coming.

When the 1991 Acura NSX hit the supercar market, it competed against the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the world. Here, performance and excess were taken to the extreme, while build-quality and reliability remained questionable. All that changed with the arrival of the NSX. Here was a car that looked like a Ferrari, but was practical enough for everyday driving. It was as if a supermodel had decided to hook up with the class nerd, and their offspring embodied the best of both worlds.

No other Japanese manufacturer was selling something quite like this. Its sleek and sporty exterior lines are complemented by its cockpit-like interior cabin. This was the car that brought Honda’s VTEC system to America, and a resurgence of quality to the exotic car market of the 90s.

Over its 15-year production period, only 9,000 units were sold in the U.S., making it a rare collectors item. 


  • 3.0L DOHC VTEC V6
  • 5-Speed gearbox
  • 24-Valve mid-mounted engine
  • Less than 7300 miles
  • All aluminum body
  • High-tech suspension
  • Original paint
  • Cream leather seats
  • Hidden headlamps
  • Owners manual included

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Meet our 1991 Acura NSX :

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